Final acceptance test

The employees of the institute SID-AG can execute a final acceptance test of your solar installation or your solar park.

The final acceptance test can be customized according to your wishes. Normally, a final acceptance test include the following activities:

The present system documentation is checked. The system design is verified, the monitoring system is analyzed, if installed.
During the on site inspection, the mechanical and electrical components of the system will be inspected.
There are taken photos of the relevant parts of the plant. In addition, individual measurements and tests are carried out.
The report contains the review and analysis of the current situation. If necessary, search for abnormalities is required. The report contains a detailed image documentation.
The measurements are carried out in some selected locations which are possibly noticed on the installation or in the analysis of plant monitoring.

Anglagenabnahmen SID-AG

The measurements include e.g.:

The system components are assessed as follows:

All necessary corrective work is documented. The check can be extended, if required.